Project History


The Ocean Highway & Port Autority, in conjunction with the partners of the Port of Fernandina have been instrumental in various projects serving the Port's home county of Nassau. We are constantly striving to improve the lives of all the citizens in our area, through new careers, career stability, charitable contributions and through infrastructure planning and improvements.

The Buccaneer Trail Bridge


The Ocean Highway & Port Authority is responsible for constructing the Buccaneer Trail Bridge which connects Amelia Island with Duval County.
This bridge did more than span the created a shorter means of transporting goods and opened up more of Amelia Island to our friends in Duval County. This new gateway to Amelia Island helped improve tourism and strengthened the local economy as well as provided a much-needed means of egress from the island. Before this bridge was constructed, only a single two-lane bridge connected the island to the mainland.

Nassau Tradeplex


The Ocean Highway & Port Authority created the infrastructure required for Nassau County's first industrial complex: Nassau Tradeplex. Because of the OHPA's groundwork, numerous businesses and employees have come to Nassau County. Nassau Tradeplex is also uniquely situated on a railroad, providing convenient importing and exporting of goods to and from business in the tradeplex.

The Port of Fernandina


While the original Port of Fernandina has been in place for generations, the OHPA is responsible for a complete overhaul of the facility. Bringing the Port up to code was essential, but the OHPA took the project a step farther...into the future. The OHPA's vision for a more prosperous Nassau County drove the project to include new concrete pilings, new docks, an interfacility rail system, reliable cargo cranes, and technologies that will keep the Port working for you for years to come.

Habitat for Humanity


The OHPA is constantly striving to improve the lives of everyone it serves. That's why the OHPA helped pay for and provided labor to construct the first Habitat for Humanity home in Nassau County, setting the bar for giving back to the community that has supported the pro job economic initiatives of the Port.

Port Director

Christopher T. Ragucci

(904) 990-1400 (o)

(917) 836-2880 (c)

Christopher Ragucci

Port Operations

Office: (904) 990-1400

General Contact

Office: (904) 491-7422
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Mission Statement

The “Ocean Highway and Port Authority was created in 1941 and authorized to carry out public purposes to benefit to the citizens of the County of Nassau and the State of Florida.”

(Ch. 21418,S12.Sp. Acts 1941)

Fiscal year runs from

October 1 - September 30.


Ocean Highway and Port Authority was established in 1941 by the Florida Legislature. Read our charter here.

OHPA does not endorse any private sector business and only lists names of businesses on this site as an aid to the job seeking public. 

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