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Shipping containers

Port Features


The Port of Fernandina is a rail-served, natural deep water port on the Atlantic seaboard, just 2.2 miles from the open ocean with a channel draft of 36 feet MLW free of any overhead obstructions.  The 950 foot turning basin is directly adjacent to the 1,200 liner foot pier.  Tug services are available and most vessels can transit from the sea buoy in one hour.  The port handles a variety of cargoes, including steel, aluminum, machinery, paper and forest products and consumer goods.  It has 250,000 square-feet of on-site warehouse space, 100,000+ square-feet off-port, and 10 acres of open storage, all which sits minutes away from a new six-lane A1A/SR 200 highway enabling easy access to both Interstates 95 and 10.


Located on the east side of the Amelia River on Amelia Island in Nassau County and abutting the city of Fernandina Beach, the Port of Fernandina, operated by the Ocean Highway and Port Authority of Nassau County, is an independent special-purpose district created in 1941 by the Florida State Legislature.  It was authorized to operate for the benefit of the citizens of Nassau County and the state and to encourage economic development in Nassau County.  The Port of Fernandina supports more than 55 direct jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs throughout Nassau County and contributes greatly to the local economy.  The Port of Fernandina handled over 290,000 tons of cargo last year and is on course to double this amount in 2019.  It is governed by five elected commissioners representing the five voting districts of Nassau County who are accountable to the Nassau County electorate.


Principal Cargo


Exports: Forest products including Kraft Liner Board and lumber, machinery, yachts, and steel and aluminum products.

Imports: Steel rebar and wire rod coils, hardwoods, and oats. 

The containerized commodities moving through the port include consumer goods, building materials, plastics, beverages, frozen and chilled foods, and newsprint.

Port Specifics

Aerial photo of Port Equipment
Port Equipment
  • One Liebherr LHM 400 Mobile Harbor Crane

  • One Container Gantry Cranes – 13 container wide reach

  • Rail mounted Clyde Heavy left Gantry Crane

  • Mobile American Gantry Crane

  • Three Top Loaders

  • Over 30 Lifts Trucks ranging from 3,000 to 52,000 LBS Capacity

  • Yard hustlers, flatbeds, yard chassis, and over the road trucks

Photo ofcontainer ship - low angle
Berth Information
  • The wharf is 1,200 linear feet and can accommodate two medium sized ships

  • Draft alongside the berth is maintained at a depth of 36’ MLW and there is a 6’ rise and fall in the tide

  • All berths can handle container or conventional cargo working vessels

  • The marshaling area adjoining berths can accommodate 3,200 TEU including 48 electrical hookups for refrigerated containers

  • A chassis depot is located near the port with parking for 500 chassis

Aerial photo of the port of Fernandina
Photo of storage containers
  • The On-The-Port facilities are clean and modern with 200,000 sf of storage space designed for the storage of for a variety of cargoes

  • The Port also operates a 50,000 sf container freight station

  • Warehouse Storage:

    • Forest Products Warehouses: 200,000 sf

    • Stuffing & Stripping Warehouse: 50,000 sf

  • Neutral Chassis Pool: 4 Acres

  • Container Yard:

    • Container Stacking Capacity: 3,200 TEU’s

    • Refrigerator Plugs: 48 expandable to 144 over 11 acres

  • Rail Access:

    • 11 rail car loading/unloading capacity along the warehouse and in terminal yard

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