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photo of cargo ship at sunrise

Channel Features


The facility is situated on the Amelia River about 4.5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. 


Latitude 30 degrees 41 minutes N; Longitude 81 degrees 28 minutes W. This channel allows for quick access to and from the ocean...only 45 minutes from dockside to the open ocean!



Approach: 47 FT MLW
Channel Width: 400 FT
Channel Depth: 36 FT MLW Salt Water
Depth Alongside: 36 FT MLW Salt Water

Tides: 6 FT Average
Dock Height: 12 FT Above Low Water
Berthing Space: 1,200 Linear FT of wharf to accommodate 2 medium ships
Apron Width: 70 to 115 FT
Turning Basin: 1,600 FT North & South; 900 FT East & West

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